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Engineering Internships

It seems like just yesterday you were a passionate first-year Engineering student, armed with limitless grid paper and newly installed Matlab software as you tackled the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Yet, all too suddenly, third year has rolled around and your biggest challenge isn’t group assignments, practically applying thermodynamics, or testing how little sleep you can function on… it’s internships. As seemingly overnight everyone – even that one kid who never shows up to class – has a position lined up and ready to go. So if you’re yet to get yourself a foot in the door, check out our handy hit list of companies hungry for bright young things, just like you!


Based in New Zealand, PureDepth is a company that specialises in optics, imaging, software and content creation. After their Multi-Layer Display technology domineered global markets, they’re making an exciting move into automotive vehicle displays. So if you’re gunning for a future in mechatronics engineering, software engineering, graphics or UI/UX, then head over to and drop them an email!

Auckland Council

Free next summer? Auckland Council’s three-month internship programme might be for you! Running from November to February, you’ll get the chance to develop your skills and establish your career all while getting paid! So if you’re in your second to last year of a bachelor’s degree, or currently in postgrad study, then get your application in before 18th March!


So you’re going to graduate with an ICT/Engineering degree, but what is gonna make you stand out? Ernst and Young reckon it’s their internship program. Taking a hands on approach, EY upskill you, then allow you to apply what you’ve learnt to current client projects. As added bonuses, you’ll get the chance to attend their Intern Leadership Conference in Florida and a potential full-time position for those who impress. All students in their penultimate (second-to-last) year are welcome!

Fletcher Building

If ‘invaluable real life experience’ sounds like the goods, then maybe the Fletcher Building Summer Internship Program is for you! Tailored for students in their second or third year of study, you’ll gain hands on experience over the summer, with impressive applicants often invited to stay on as trainees. With applications opening in June, keep your eye on the careers page on their website.

Well, there you have it! So polish up that CV, iron out that power suit and get applying, because these programmes won’t be open for long!

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