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If I had to lose a sense...

Funny question that. It’s a scenario no one wants to face and yet so many around our world do. If one day I woke to find I had been robbed of one of my five senses, these are the things I would miss.

Losing smell. That early morning stroll past your daily coffee stop, when all you can smell is your one true love: caffeine.

Or when you’re sitting in the third lecture of the day feeling a bit peckish, and suddenly a guy a few rows down cracks open a tub of two-minute noodles… then bam, you’re ravenous… and have missed three lecture slides.

Losing taste. Imagine the pain of sitting in a restaurant enjoying the delicious whiffs of food arriving at your table, but as you go to bite the ravioli, you taste nothing. The frustration would be real.

However, eating straight kale and turmeric would be an easy task and you’d look shredded. But you would miss out on a love affair with dark chocolate and wine.

Losing touch. Never feeling the joy of rolling in between new sheets, or the feel of your loved one’s skin.

Losing sight. You’d miss the bowl cut phase, possibly the bus and the imaginary love story you create when a beautiful person sits in front of you during a lecture. You would miss the leaves changing through each season before your eyes.

Losing hearing. You would lose the joy of the greats, like Bowie and Carol King, replaying a sweet memory triggered by the sound of a tune from your past. However, while I personally would not mourn the loss of songs like ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, my life could seem empty without ‘I’m too Sexy’.

The task of hypothetically choosing to lose a sense is painful, however, so many humans lose at least one of their senses during their time on earth. My great grandmother Rose suddenly went deaf at the tender age of eight, later in life she lost sight in one eye, and struggled with the other. Yet she was the most incredible woman I have had the pleasure of loving in my nineteen years. She never let her lost senses dull her sparkle.

At the end of the day, all we really need is love. Tasting chocolate and wine is just an added luxury.

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