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AUTSA's new student president!

Dharyin Colbert, a third-year Computer Science student, has been voted in as AUTSA’s new Student President – hooray! He is taking over from Acting Student President Nadine Tupp.

Dharyin won 43.1 percent of the votes (803 out of 1,864 votes). He was recently sworn into office at AUTSA’s Special General Meeting (which had pizza, chicken and a whole lotta awesomeness).

As President, Dharyin is responsible for advocating for AUT students’ rights and pushing for university-wide policy change. He also is the Chair of AUTSA’s Governance Board (the people who make overarching decisions at AUTSA) and Chair of the Student Representative Council (the students who represent your diverse voices) so the position is a super big deal!

Presidents in past years have pushed AUT to implement e-submissions (which are coming soon!), capping parking prices on South Campus, getting the university to record lectures and more.

In regards to the position, Dharyin says AUTSA has a unique and important role in the university and he cannot wait to make AUT a better place for students to learn. "There's so much more we can be doing to support you, and we've already got a bunch of awesome stuff planned and coming up! So keep an ear out and let us know what we can do for you."

To get in touch with him, visit him in his office in the student lounge (WC202B) or send him an email:

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