Letters to the Editor

May 30, 2018


Dear Debate,

I read the article ‘Seeing Sound’ in the Five Senses edition of Debate
and discovered that I have synesthesia! (Which I had never heard of
before.) I never knew that there was a name for associating colours
with letters and numbers. I’ve been aware that I’ve done this since
I was a little kid, but never put much thought into it and never
discussed it with anyone until I mentioned it to friend during high
school. She hadn’t heard of it before, so I guess I thought it was just
me that did this. There are so many people in the world that I feel
like whatever behaviour you have (no matter how odd it seems),
you’re probably not the only one who does it. It’s really cool to know
that this is a thing!


Un Hee

Hey Julie,

I just grabbed Issue 5: 10/10 mag. I was so excited to see the
Vsauce example of the trolley problem used. I brought it up with my
workshop teacher the other week and found out exactly how much I
love to talk about and discuss its findings.

Also, I love that you're talking about ethics underneath the
advertising, ie the canvas bags serving little purpose aside from
feeling like you've solved global warming single-handedly. I
remember reading that the 15 biggest container ships emit more
pollution than every car on the planet, which really resets one’s

Conor Goddard

Dear editor,

I wanted to write in response to an article in Debate titled
‘Cryptocurrencies: Is it all just a load of bollox?’ in Issue 3. Although
there were numerous shortcomings with the article, including the
omission of what is happening in the blockchain space other than
Bitcoin, my biggest problem was the article was too pessimistic.
I agree with the writer’s sentiment that you should be cautious if
investing in the technology. But, the article concludes this without
relating any positive reasons why you might invest in the technology.

I personally think that if one looks into some of the blockchain
projects being developed, or listens to what experts are saying
about the adoption of the tech, then a less pessimistic conclusion
might be drawn. I personally think blockchain projects can be a
good investment for young people. That’s why I created a short
digital booklet to get young people to consider it as an option. And
I’m wanting to give away $50 worth of bitcoin to generate interest.
I don’t plan on making any money from this little venture. I only
want to help young people think about their future and investment
options. To get a copy of the booklet, email: cryptoassetinfo@gmail.com.

Mark O'Donnell


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