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AUT is getting recorded lectures!

AUT has approved a new scheme that will see large lectures recorded and put online for students to view.

AUT’s Senior Management says the process is underway and approved, however there are still technicalities to sort through before the scheme can be implemented. According to Professor Geoff Perry, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, AUT will be trialling the scheme in some large lecture theatres during this half of Semester One. He says a larger trial is also planned for Semester Two.

“Where we’re at: we’ve shortlisted four organisations to choose who will provide us with the software. We’re also appointing someone to be the administrator who manages it – so that’s a process which is underway. It’s a little bit slower than we’d anticipated, because these things aren’t that simple."

Dharyin Colbert, AUTSA’s Student President, says it’s exciting to see AUT implement processes that will enhance students’ learning experiences.

"It’s really cool to finally make some headway on this, joining the other top universities around the world in giving our students every opportunity to succeed, no matter their circumstances.

“Recorded lectures are easily one of the most common pieces of feedback we get from our students and it’s great to show them we're listening, we hear you, and we're making it happen.”

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