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5 Things For Your Future Career

Kim Kardashian's booty and crappy memes are things a lot of us fixate on and our careers should be another thing we give a shit about.

  1. Bust Down

When Blueface said Bust Down Thotiana he meant sit down with your thots – I mean thoughts. Hit the library, get your grades in order. It’s time to switch from sicko mode to study mode.

  1. Get a fire bio

In this case, update your CV and Cover Letter. Head to the employability lab (WA202) where experts will help you get this sorted so employers start raising an eyebrow.

  1. Shoot your shot

AKA sign up to AUT Internz ( There are a range of paid internships based in New Zealand waiting for you. Turn on notifications for roles and start applying for jobs! Think of it like sliding into DMs but instead of getting ghosted or left on seen, you actually end up with a job and $$$. #MakingMoneyMoves

  1. Collab

It’s all about networking and building a team. Look at Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. Sweet niblets!

  1. Go worldwide

Be like Pitbull by applying for international internships on AUT Internz. Live the dream in New York, Chicago, LA, Vancouver or even Singapore. These are all paid internships and you can express interest in 2020 internships now! Signing up was the best decision I made – I landed a role in Chicago and now in Auckland too. BTW your flights and visa are paid for so you have nothing to lose!


Sharleen Shergill is in her final year of a Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Laws. She is a super-user of the AUT Internz recruitment service, having scored an international scholarship to intern at Chicago creative agency TimeZoneOne in 2018 and a local internship for Online Asset Partners in 2019.

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