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Lolly Review

Every Kiwi childhood involves a run to the dairy. Zoe Holland took a trip down memory lane to her childhood to see if 10 cent lollies are still up to scratch.

TNTs You get heaps of these in one bag. The flavour was pretty much the same but they were much more intensely sour than back in the day. I forgot these make your tongue blue, so I went to work with a blue tongue which was great.

Sour Feijoas These are still the bomb. I love feijoas and they taste the exact same as they always did with the exact feijoa taste. I don’t remember them being quite so chewy but besides that they are still, and will always be, my favourite $2 lolly bag.

K Bar The fact that I didn’t break my teeth on these as a child amazes me. They’re just as sugar filled as I remember. To shake things up, I was left with a bright red tongue this time.

Zombie Chew So many flavours to choose from but the sour blueberry has to be the best. Nothing new had changed with them, they are still super cheap and still super bad for your teeth.

Verdict: Intense desire to brush my teeth around 1000 times. Not much else to report.

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