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What to do with the D

The Sub of the Day you had for lunch rises in your throat and a single sweat drop forms on your forehead. A stapled pile of paper is chucked down next to your KeepCup and it’s struck with a mighty red D. You pay way too much to be here to get grades like that.

Everyone has different reasons for why they get what they get, maybe you’ve got other shit going on, maybe you didn’t start until after you’d watched the new Black Mirror episode at 10pm the night before, or maybe your brain is kinda small. Regardless, it’s important to know your options.

Student Hub

Oh yeah, that place. Staff at the hub will answer your question immediately, or, connect you with the person or service that can help you.

Talk to your tutor

Make a b-line for them after class (they love that) or ask to meet up during their drop-in hours. Pick their brains for what went well (and what didn’t). Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Too often we forget these guys are here for our benefit and not just to keep the campus cafes afloat.

Read the brief on Blackboard

Read the blinkin’ marking criteria, Steven! It usually says the same mumbo-jumbo reworded but reminding yourself of what you should include before you’ve handed your work in can make you realise that you haven’t actually done it properly. Yes, punctuation and grammar still matter.

Advocacy at AUTSA

The Advocacy team provides confidential and free advice to AUT students having issues. This includes appealing final grades if you’re unhappy with them and something has been impacting you. You can email the team at

Use Studiosity

You know when you log in to Blackboard and there’s that mess of a page? That’s where you can access Studiosity. Studiosity is free for all current students. It allows you to upload a draft of your writing and get a subject specialist to give you live feedback.


Maybe you don’t need academic help. Mental health has a flow on effect to other aspects of your life. Sometimes you might need to talk with a professional or a friend to get some things off your chest before you crack down on the next due date.

Library academic writing and APA referencing workshops

Take a good look at the feedback on your assignment. A lot of the time, incorrect referencing can cause your final grade to plummet. Check the library website for the next academic writing or APA 6th workshops.

Library Drop-ins

During the semester, you can also drop in to chat with a Learning Advisor at the library. Drop-ins are limited to 15 minutes per student, twice a semester. They can provide you with general advice on how to improve your writing, recommend specific and relevant online resources and workshops or refer you to other student services and people within the university.

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