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High School Sex 'Rumours'

By Casta Lawson

Rumours and gossip have always been ingrained in our societies. The ancient Greeks loved to stir shit and our modern society is no different. However, it is important to recognise that while often seen as fun and light hearted on a surface level, they can, and often do hold much more weight for the people on the receiving end of the rumour. We have made sure no names or specific details have been revealed below to maintain a level of privacy and distance. These rumours are here to be taken as they are, a collection of rumours (true or not) that reflect the kind of rumours found in schools all across the country. Females are often overwhelmingly the victim of these rumours, and I think it is important that we recognise that, and look inwards and see what that says about our prejudices, and attitudes towards women and sex.

Why is it that when we asked people to submit their high school rumours, the responses almost entirely held women as the victims? Often in high school we lack the language, emotional resources and understanding to recognise these nuances. While this is important to recognise, this is not a good enough excuse for the behaviour we see exercised in high schools.

Thinking back to when I was in high school, I remember always hearing about some nasty, crook as fuck shit that went down between students and teachers (mostly at my school, but at a lot of others too). With that being said, here are some rumours. I hope they allow you a moment to think back on rumours of your own, rumours that you know of, and reflect on what that says about some of your attitudes and beliefs.

"My nudes got leaked around the whole year level when I was in year 10.”

“My ex teacher had an affair with a student and it’s their 20 year wedding anniversary today. No idea why she wasn’t fired.”

“This guy I know slept with his female teacher and filmed it on Snapchat.”

“One school had to ban carrots because the girls were using them to poke themselves. Another girl at the same school used a test tube during science and it shattered inside her."

“Two teachers at my school (one married, one engaged) had an affair and both got kicked out of their homes.”

“Two students were caught fucking in the props room at school.”

“This one girl at my school is now known as the girl who had sex with a hairbrush."

“My friends ex’s friends told the whole school they fucked on a mattress on the field during lunch and they got suspended for it. My friend had been reported missing the day before and was on a 24 hour holding at the hospital so they weren’t even at school. But not even the teachers wanted to believe the diagnosed psychosis student.”

“At one point during high school the entire PE staff were smashing the students.”

“The science block bathrooms at my school had a glory hole. I’m pretty sure it was used.”

“Apparently two girls fucked each other in the music practice rooms with drum sticks."

“Someone in year 12 lit a girls pubes on fire with a firework while she was fucking her boyfriend.”

“At my old school there’s currently a girl in year 10 who’s pregnant.”

“A girl in the year below me got spit roasted on the school field.”

“A teacher at my school groomed one of his students into a sexual relationship and it made her suicidal. It was so fucked. Apparently, he called her “pet” and made her call him “master” and he bought all this BDSM stuff to use on her in a super degrading way. It ended up being this super controlling relationship that lasted half a year and left her with an eating disorder as well. The cops got involved and he got two charges."


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