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How To Find Yourself

A sock, a puppy, virginity ... anything can be lost but they won’t always be waiting to be collected at reception. University is the best time in life to find yourself. Are you into sports? Join a team. Love to write? Then write (for Debate). Love drinking your life away? Try living at the AUT halls. Sophia Romanos has a few easy and thoroughly under-researched ways of finding out who you are

Go to Auckland Zoo

What is your spirit animal? You may think you’re the ferocious lion when you’re actually the humble otter. Take a stroll around Auckland’s most popular destination for caged animals to understand and tame your animal within.

Forget the Deodorant

Losing basic personal hygiene makes you realise how put-together you are on a normal day. Talk about a confidence boost!

The AT Hop App

Nothing says finding yourself like typing your name into the AT Journey Planner and pressing ‘Go’.

Watch Tipping Point

There’s something about watching game shows at 12pm on a weekday that makes you realise there’s 156 places you’d rather be.

Eat Tuna In a Lecture

Discovering who your real friends are is all part of raw, internal discovery.


Clear your head, man. A simple few breaths and meditation can clear your head of all the nonsense and help you focus on yourself and who you really are. If you’re still doing “funnels on entry” or saying, “for the boyyyys,” I recommend you get onto this soon.


Who are you under there? Have you lost your true identity in a mane of hair? Try a refreshing new look with the quality Bic Razor for $2.99

Write an Acrostic Poem

Nothing reveals more about a single human being than the ingenious adjectives that spring to mind when you break down your birth-given name into a mere assortment of the alphabet. For extra confidence, pin it up on the fridge for the whole flat to see. Maybe you’ll only get a little bit roasted.


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