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I Tried Out TikTok For 24 Hours. I Want My Time Back.

By William Austin

Saturday 7 April 12:16pm

Incoming torture in 3, 2, 1, GOOOOOO!

I jump into the deep end and start subjecting myself to 20 minutes of TikTok videos. And I’m bored.

You see, TikTok is a social media app that allows users to post 15- 60 second creative videos. These people could be dancing, creating funny memes or just doing random challenges.

What makes me sad is that TikTok is pretty similar to Vine. Which is also like Snapchat. And has a few similarities to Facebook stories too. In other words, TikTok reminds me of every other stinking social media app in existence. So I’m disappointed.

But just like when AUT lecturers annoyingly refuse to put up the lecture slides before the lecture, I guess I’ve got to just put up with it for now


I really didn’t want to make a TikTok account. But like horny university students in AUT’s WSA apartments, I can’t say no. I sign up to get a TikTok account. I’ve got nothing to lose anyway

Because I’m a very vocal person, I appropriately use my email address called “williamaustinjunk@somedomainthat’snoneofyourbu”. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on TikTok.


For some reason, TikTok has been so popular. Even though it completely lacks originality - the thing basically looks like Instagram. Can’t the over one billion users of TikTok just use Instagram or something we already use?


Time to attempt to post on TikTok so I can entertain my zero followers.

I’m going to be doing the paper towel challenge which simply works like this:

A paper towel has a message written on the front of it, which we as the viewer can see. However, once the paper towel is placed in some water, it reveals a humorous surprise message. And some of them are quite funny.

I learned how to do this on the internet, and this challenge is surprisingly easy to do. Finally, I’ll now post a video on my personal social media after an (actual) 2,317-day streak hiatus! I wish.

Yes, I successfully completed the paper towel challenge. But I forgot the most important part: I didn’t film the challenge. ONE JOB WILLIAM. So I didn’t end up posting on TikTok after all.

8 April 2020 10:40am

Time to start finding what my friends and acquaintances are doing on TikTok.

I’m pleasantly shocked. Some acquaintances of mine made some hilarious videos.

Which is a surprise.

Cause none of them are really that hilarious in real life.

#justbeinghonest #soznotsoz (wait aren’t hashtags so 2017 or something?)


I proudly hit the uninstall button on TikTok.

I want my time back.


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