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Legendary photography exhibition back in Tāmaki

by Nic George (he/him)

chief reporter

The World Press Photo Exhibition is returning to Auckland this month, following a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The exhibition will showcase the 30 winning images of the World Press Photo competition, in which 3,752 photographers submitted 60,448 photos.

The Auckland Rotary Club is organising the event and Smith & Caughey’s have provided their recently opened fifth floor of their Queen Street store from 22nd July to 20th August.

The profits from ticket sales go to the Rotary Foundation and the Turn Your Life Around youth development trust.

Director of the Rotary Club board Denise Moller said this has typically been their biggest fundraising event of the year.

"We are keen to have the exhibition, not only because it's an amazing exhibition for people to see, but we want to raise as much money as we can for charity."

Moller said they are excited to bring the event back for the loyal followers they have built since they began hosting the event in 2010.

The first day of the show will include a tour from one of the curators from the Netherlands before it opens for the public.

While there is no age restriction at the door, Moller would not recommend bringing children along.

"We actually don't recommend that children under the age of about 14 attend the exhibition because some of them can be quite mind provoking."

However, she says this is an opportunity for university students to better their understanding of the world.

"It's relevant I think for all students, not only to kind of see and understand what's going on in the world, but particularly for those that are doing media studies."

Student tickets will cost $15 per person unless you purchase them as a group of 10 for $120.

She said they are hoping to capture some added interest from international tourists who may be visiting for the FIFA Women's World Cup.


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