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Wow, last issue.

The year has flown by. So, perhaps I should give a quick recount. We started the uni year under Covid restrictions, but here we all are back on campus. It’s nice to see everyone’s faces again.

Publishing this final issue is bittersweet, but I hope you’ve all enjoyed Debate these past few months. I strongly encourage all of you to get involved next year. We’re on level 7 of WG, so come by for a chat! If you have trouble finding us, there is usually loud music accompanied by your resident moustachioed editor.

This year, Debate got a new editor (me), designer (Charlie) and feature writer (Liam). I think we make a pretty good team. We also have a brilliant associate editor Viv, amazing illustrator Yi and Zainab managing our socials. And of course, our quick-witted news team of Justin and David keeping you informed on issues in and around campus. We are sadly saying farewell to our lifestyle and culture writer, Briar, who I’m sure will be moving on to some very exciting things. Keep an eye out!

Outside of Debate, The Queen just died (another one bites the dust) and pretty soon there will be a new mayor of Tāmaki Makaurau. Let’s hope it’s not another old white guy. Nothing against you, Phil! We appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks for getting the City Rail Link underway. I hope we get to see it while we’re all still living here. That could be wishful thinking, but that’s the nature of local government: slow, and not so steady… But at least a homophobe isn’t running our city.

It’s strange doing a year-in-review in September, but it does feel like things are coming to a close. I’m writing this surrounded by boxes, because I’m moving flats. I’ll save that story for another time - but it involves a diss track, a stealth mission and some very helpful friends and whānau.

I also graduated the other week, walking the stage of Spark Arena in my dad’s chalk-stripe suit, with the gold tie he got married in to match my regalia. That’ll be all of you soon! The ceremony summed up studying during Covid. Our graduation was delayed, so it was the best part of a year since I last saw many of my classmates. We had class together every day for three years, then we went our separate ways. It’s great to see everyone thriving, especially after a rough couple of years in lockdown. So, I shook the Chancellor’s hand, accepted my very expensive parchment paper and cheered as my mates walked across the stage. My mum even bought me an AUT-themed teddy. I would like to thank my journalism tutors Richard, Greg and Louise for all your help and encouragement – if it weren’t for you, I would not be in this job right now.

We chose the theme ‘Travel’ for this final issue as we say farewell to the 2022 academic year. Some of you will have done your dash with AUT – to you, we say goodbye and best of luck. We AUT grads always end up doing something interesting. For those of you returning for more study: enjoy your break, stay safe and see you in the New Year.

Travel was non-existent for a long time, at least in the sense that we’d come to know it. However, it made us appreciate and explore the beautiful natural environment of Aotearoa. This summer, I hope you enjoy the Road to Rhythm, or however you celebrate the New Year. I’m personally going to AUM, which is a few hours closer, with a few more hippies, but somehow still the same eye-watering price of $450.

Some recurring themes in my editorials this year have been: growing up, friendship, breakups and drugs - with the odd rant about bald politicians and Audi drivers to help me let off some steam. You can probably expect more of the same next year. Or, maybe I’ll finally grow up over summer. I hope not.

Goodbye for now and arohanui,

Sam x


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