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Sex With Casta

I am the all wise and knowing hoe – I love sex and am here to answer any questions, thank you for coming to my ted talk. By Casta Lawson

Rough and dominating or soft and passionate? Who prefers what?

It depends on the person entirely, what kind of things they like, what the current mood is, and how comfortable they are around their sexual partner. In my opinion, sex shouldn’t be the same every time you have it. Sometimes you want it hard and fast and other times you’re in the mood for something slow and sensual. You can’t just pinpoint it to one routine because your sexual needs vary all the time.

Is it weird to have sexual fetishes towards step siblings?

I don’t think it’s weird at all, human attraction is very normal to experience. However, acting upon it is fucking weird. Don’t do that. Stick to watching porn.

How do you get a chick to stop blue balling?

Give up or talk to her about it, honestly. If she’s leading you on to the point where you’re getting blue balled 24/7 then you either need to sit down and openly communicate to her that this is an ongoing issue for you, or you need to stop being a pussy and hop on Tinder and find a new beezy.

When females don’t say no, is it the male’s fault for going too far?

Definitely. Even if a female isn’t vocal you can still tell when someone is uncomfortable through body language. We shouldn’t really have to spell it out for you. If they’re pushing you off, squirming, not engaging fully or avoiding eye contact, that's enough to saythat they’re not comfortable in this situation and you need to stop. Sex is such a personal experience, which is why I believe that even if you hardly know the person, you need to be openly communicate and pay attention at all times.

Spit > lube, change my mind

I’m with you there, I personally hate lube. It stings for me and makes sex super uncomfortable.

Is it normal to have never cum through sex? I’m a male and have gone for over an hour before and have never been able to get off through sex, always having to get myself off afterwards. Is this normal and is there any way to get over this?

There could be a number of reasons as to why you’re constantly experiencing this issue. Psychological, physical and mental components all play a part as to why someone may be unable to cum. Mind games which can have an effect on your libido, stress, lack of sleep and even emotions are all feasible reasons as to why you aren’t reaching climax. A lack of trust with your partner could also be subconsciously affecting your ability to fully relax and let go, ultimately holding you back from orgasming. Additionally, some medications can also impact someone’s libido. This doesn’t just apply to men either, it applies to everyone. Things like anti-depressants or similar prescription medications affect the neurotransmitters in your brain. This causes a side-effect of a lower sex drive in most cases (I experienced this when I was on anti-depressants). Other things such as drugs and alcohol can also have an effect. Despite the fact that most men tend to believe that alcohol makes them last longer it actually depresses your nervous system, reducing sensations which also impacts the blood and oxygen flow by dehydration. Finally, some medical issues can also be in play such as diabetes, neurological issues, or cardiac conditions which effect the blood system. Keep in mind that there could be a combination of these factors, it might not be limited to just one thing. But I think these are all things you should take into consideration or potentially look further into. Don’t be afraid to talk about this with your partner either. Having full trust and feeling completely comfortable in yourself always makes sex that much more enjoyable.

Does body count really matter?

I don’t think it matters at all. People who make you feel like body count is important in my opinion have insecurities and only care about it so much because they want people to know that they’re desired by many. Body count isn’t important, and you can go as slow or fast paced with it as you like. You shouldn’t feel like you have to sleep with x amount of people in order to fit in. It doesn’t matter.

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