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Sex with Casta –Money, Honey!

I am the all wise and knowing hoe – I love sex and am here to answer any questions thank you for coming to my ted talk.

By Casta Lawson ( IG: @castalawson)

Best value for money sex toy?

Satisfyer Pro 2 is kind of the obvious answer here. Around $50 for unlimited orgasms that leave you feeling like your soul’s descended from your body. For someone who’s never experienced that, sign me the fuck up!

Should services like OnlyFans become societal norms?

I think it already has started to become a societal norm due to the amount of people who joke about buying their dream home at 21 from having an account. You literally see chicks promoting it everywhere these days. I really think isolation is to blame for that, as well as Trisha Paytas.

What made you start an OnlyFans and is it worth it?

I started an OnlyFans account because I honestly love my body. I have a mean ass and a great set of tits. I also have a list of boys I cycle through that I send nudes to on the regular, so I thought that I might as well cash in from it. The experience so far has been great for me. You can’t make a withdrawal from your account until you have a minimum of $500 USD, but I was able to achieve that in a few months. One of my subscribers also tipped me because I was nice so that felt great. As a poor student it’s definitely a good backup source of income to help fund my clothing/gig addiction. Just don’t put your face in the photos if you are seriously considering it so creeps don’t approach you in public.

Have you ever experienced being asked to sell nudes?

I actually have and it was a fucking weird experience. I was looking through my message requests on Instagram last year in November and some bloke had sent me a video of himself dropping a ton of money. I responded asking him why he sent that, and where he got the money from and he replied, “add my snap to see the drip.” Though it was a slightly cringey thing to say, I decided to give him the add anyway.

During the next few days he just sends me videos of him dropping cash and then hits me with “I want to be your Sugar Daddy, I’ll be the best Sugar Daddy you’ve ever had.” Keep in mind this bloke's around the same age as me, which is 21. This really threw me off guard, but I agreed anyways just to see where this would go. The next few weeks consisted of him asking to meet up. He would beg to see me at the most inconvenient times, saying things like “Please baby, just 15 minutes and I’ll give you $1500 cash right now.” It honestly felt like he was trying to prostitute me more than anything. One night I nearly did meet up with him, but he pulled out when I said my friend would be dropping me off because he thought I was just going to trick him (still confused how he thought that). I got really sick of his shit because he would offer me large sums of cash but then fuck me around, and I am an extremely impatient person and no amount of money is accountable for people who act like that.

A few weeks later I was very hungover at home on a Sunday and he messages me asking to come over. My instant thought is “Fuck no, no fucking way is that ever happening.” So I tell him that I’m literally on the brink of death and no way in hell is that ever happening. I was also worried that if he came over, he would never leave and I don’t think Mum would’ve been too happy with me in that case. This bloke started begging me and was offering me upwards of $2000 for 15 minutes (cute he thinks that he’d last that long). But still he could not convince me. I’m so close to deleting this guy because at this point he is just straight up annoying and I honestly just wanted to virtually smack him. But THEN, he hits me with “What if I give you $1000 for nudes."

I literally scream “Hell yeah” because that is such an easy deal. I send him my bank details and he transfers me $600 first, with the promise of the remaining $400 after I send him the nudes. I start getting ready to send the nudes but he almost instantly messages me saying he doesn’t want them anymore, and that I need to transfer the money back instantly. Confused, I ask him why and he says “My step mum caught the outgoing transaction and just called me to tell me off, I’m in so much trouble now, she said I wasn’t allowed to do this again.” I am genuinely shocked at the fact that he’s done this before and thought it was a smart idea to do again. He starts begging me to transfer the money back as soon as it comes into my account the next day, as his step mum had already supposedly given my bank account number to the police and Wellington Scam Service. I eventually agree because he’s annoying me and I just want to be left alone in my hungover state, but the bloke keeps blowing up my phone with notifications. I turn my phone off and go to sleep. I’m so over this guy’s bullshit at this point, and if the money came in or not I was blocking him the next day regardless.

Hours later I turn on my phone and check my messages and the man has sent me a literal novel. He changed his story multiple times in regards to where the money came from and was also saying a ton of stuff about how him and his step mum are going to come into my work and bring the police. It was all bullshit, also the reference he put on the transaction was “car help” so even if he did try to get the police involved they wouldn’t do anything because I never sent him anything. He sent me that money on his own free will, and he dug himself a hole with the reference he used. He also never saved our messages in snapchat so there was no proof there either. To keep his sanity in check I told him I’d transfer the money back tomorrow if it did come through, and then ignored him again. The next morning I check my account and yep, a nice $600 has come through. I’m squealing because I’m poor and that’s a decent amount of free cash. I ask a few friends what I should do and my best friend instantly tells me to block him because he’s an idiot and has been annoying this entire time, so naturally I take her advice. I block him on snapchat. Then he messages me on Instagram saying “You think you’re so clever don’t you” so I blocked him there too. And then I bought a ticket to RnV.

Bloke, if you’re reading this, I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a free New Year's. I really had the best time and I couldn’t have done it without your persistence x

What is your opinion on a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship?

In my opinion they’re not for me. I have a very good relationship with my father and I don’t think I could ever be with an older man just due to the fact that I would feel like I’m with my dad the entire time and that would be so weird. Obviously everyone’s preference is different and that’s ok, do what you’re comfortable with as long as you’re being safe. My preference is OnlyFans because I don’t actually have to physically interact with anyone and I still make bank. I did have an older guy approach me at the gym once and ask to meet up and potentially organise an arrangement and holy shit did that trigger my fight or flight. I was ready to scream but instead I said I had to ask my mum and then ran and hid in the bathrooms. But honestly as long as you’re being safe, you’ve set boundaries, and you have at least one person who knows you’re with the guy (in case anything goes wrong), then go for gold.

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