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Editor’s Letter Issue 6

The AUTSA crew relationshipping.

There couldn’t be a more mammoth topic than relationships.

The way we relate to other people. Where we sit in the pecking order of humanity. The way we interact with everything in existence (whether it be alcohol – see page 28 – or abstract, internal concepts like stress – see page 16). The theme ‘relationships’ encompasses just about everything we care about in life, and the main care of all tends to be people.

People are literally everything. If my friends ever leave their jobs – even their so-called ‘dream jobs’ – the reason is always ‘the people’. I hear this response so much I’m almost bored of it. But it’s true: life is all about human beings. And my job (being your student magazine editor) is incredibly fulfilling because of, you guessed it, the people.

Every issue of Debate is planned quite a long time in advance – generally over a month – and every issue is made up of so many different peoples’ passions, creativity and hard work. On top of being bad ass journalists/writers/illustrators/photographers, the Debate crew are all such a solid and kind bunch of humans, and I’m lucky to have them as both collaborators and friends.

In this issue, some of these amazing contributors have written rather remarkable pieces, such as David Evan Baileys’ feature on whether you could love a robot; Sarah Pollok’s insight into long distance friendship; Laura Brookes’ feature on unconventional weddings; and so much more. Plus we've also got our usual good stuff, like news, blind dates, club information and puzzles.

Enjoy the mag and good luck with exams! Don’t get too stressed; remember you can always drop-out and become a mermaid.

See you on the other side.


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