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Regretfully Me

When a relationship comes to an end, there’s usually this weird feeling that hangs around. It’s not always anger or confusion, or even heartache, it’s more like a residue on your windshield preventing you from driving away. It’s regret: what went wrong? What could I have done differently? Said differently? Experience would conclude the only way to get rid of residue is to wipe that crap away. So I asked people to be honest and tell me what their biggest relationship regret was. Here’s what they said (anonymously).

“I regret letting you label me as someone I am not, and then living up to that label in front of your mates.”

“I regret dating a bassist. Bassists are a bad idea.”

“I regret that [my relationship] wasn’t with someone else.”

“I regret not accepting him for who he was.”

“I regret ever telling you how I felt.”

“I regret sticking with you even though your penis was obviously never going to work; your issue wasn’t physical, it was psychological.”

“I don’t regret anything. I’m fine with chaos.”

“I regret letting him convince me things were always my fault.”

“I regret not spending more time with you.”

“I regret some of the cheating.”

“I regret not appreciating what I had while you were there.” “I regret that I didn’t try harder.”

“I regret not having enough confidence. And living with my parents REALLY didn’t help.”

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