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Vesbar Cocktail Review

Recently the AUTSA team discovered Vesbar has $12 cocktails. Given Vesbar is part of AUTSA, the fact that this was a discovery at all is slightly shocking. Nevertheless, we decided to try some of these bad boys to see if they’re worth the shrapnel: all in the name of journalism.

Pacific Blue

Comprised of Malibu, vodka and pineapple juice, this surfy cocktail made me feel like I should’ve been on a beach. Sounds dreamy, but given you buy it in the middle of AUT’s City Campus, it kind of feels out of place. It’s also the colour of Listerine, which is sort of cool but sort of odd. Overall it was sweet, tasty and presented excellently in a hip little jar, but I probably wouldn’t buy it unless I was a 65-year-old American on a cruise around Hawaii.

– Julie Cleaver, Debate’s Editor


If you’re the kind of person who invites someone out for a cocktail on the first date, you need to know which one to get. Of course you want to finish the night with a kiss, but if you’re drinking something strong, the date could have a bad, premature ending. This makes daiquiri the perfect first-date cocktail: easy to drink, fruity flavour (which stays in your mouth for quite a while), pink and classy. Now you know; if someone invites you for a daiquiri, your mouth will be busy, and not just talking.

– Mauricio Lozano, AUTSA’s Student Engagement Coordinator

Judges Bay

This port-based delight tastes like Christmas in a cup. If you are after a comforting indulgence that will warm your body as well as your heart, look no further than this earthly delight. If Santa delivered this bad boy to you, you would definitely not be on the naughty but nice list. With a kick of lime to compliment the ginger spiced heaven, you will be very happy with Judges Bay's motions on flavour and value for money. Sign me up.

- Britt Little, AUTSA Sustainability Lead


The perfect starter drink for a good Friday night. The classic martini is a crisp, cold, silky-smooth concoction which oozes sophistication, and is the perfect drink to reward yourself with after a long week of work or study. It is dry and slightly stronger than the other cocktails, if that’s your sort of thing. It definitely packs a punch, so if you are driving I would keep it at the one.

- Jesse Jones, AUTSA Marketing & Sales Officer


When I took my first sip of this electric green bevvy, I felt like I'd been kissed on the lips by Salt Bae himself. If you live for the highs of high sodium, this salty sensation is the perfect drink for you! This lime and tequila margarita isn't here to muck around – it's intense, powerful and probably going to be a CEO one day. I would recommend this drink if you love strong tastes and tangy flavours – sweet tooths beware!

- Ramina Rai, AUTSA's Graphic Designer

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