Semester-Starter Energiser

July 15, 2018



• 3/4 cup unsweetened smooth peanut butter
• 1/4 cup golden syrup
• 1/4 cup soft brown sugar
• 1/3 cup coconut oil
• 1 1/2 cup whole wheat rolled oats
• 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
• 1/4 cup shredded coconut
• 1/3 cup dried apricot, chopped into small bits
• 1 tablespoon chia seeds



1) Prepare a 2L-sized rectangular container or lunch box, covering the bottom and sides with baking paper to prevent sticking.

2) Lightly toast whole wheat rolled oats in a pan for approximately.

3 minutes, stirring continuously over low heat. No oil is needed. Be careful not to burn them!

3) Remove toasted rolled oats from pan and set aside in a large bowl.

4) Toast sunflower seeds in the same pan over low heat for approximately 1 minute.
5) In the same bowl with the toasted rolled oats, combine toasted sunflower seeds, chopped dried apricot, shredded coconut, and chia seeds. Set aside.

6) In a small pot, add peanut butter, coconut oil, golden syrup, and brown sugar. Heat mixture over medium-low heat till everything is melted and well incorporated. This will take approximately 3 minutes.

7) Remove pot from heat, and pour over dry ingredients prepared earlier and combine mixture with a spoon or spatula.

8) Spread mixture evenly over prepared lined container. Allow the mixture to cool for at least 5 minutes before refrigerating. It will take approximately 3 hours to set, best to let it set overnight!

9) After removing from the refrigerator, slice into desired size and pack them in individual baking paper.

Break up the energy bar into smaller pieces and dress it up with Greek yoghurt, honey, and chia seed for an energy-booster dessert!


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