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Best study spots in Auckland

Finding yourself with a four-hour gap between classes can be annoying. It may even make you want to skip to go home and nap because, “It’s just one class”. But here are some spots around AUT’s City Campus that will take those study blues away and freshen up your flow.

The Cloud, 89 Quay Street 16-20-minute walk A hard to miss building sitting on the waterfront, studying at The Cloud will be a breeze. When making your way to the end of The Cloud there are many benches available, but the real goodies are at the end where the relaxed seating will transport you to a beach in Hawaii. Though sometimes there is a blast of the horn of a ferry, this location is very calming and quiet enough that it is easy for light studying to be done.

Aotea Square, 50 Mayoral Drive Five-minute walk A quick walk from AUT, there are many different places to study in Aotea Square, whether it be under a tree or on some steps. There’s Wi-Fi for those who study online and if you decide that sitting on the ground isn’t your niche, there’s a Coffee Club that faces onto the Square. I hope you’re not afraid of birds because no matter where you are in Aotea Square, there will always be a pigeon nearby.

Freyberg Square, off High Street

10-minute walk Let the statue of Lord Freyberg guide you to success! There are many steps here to choose from, and I’ve heard that the higher the step you are on when you study then the higher your grade will be. The steps offer much room for you to sprawl out with notes as you study, but during lunch time the steps can become crowded with workers on their lunchbreak. This spot is a lot like Aotea Square, although much less grass.

Albert Park 5-10-minute walk, depending on how far you want to sit. A great study spot for the summer, Albert Park offers lots of grass and free Wi-Fi. It is easy to find a secluded space to study if you don’t mind sitting on grass and you can meet friends here and have a study picnic!

AUT or Auckland Library Up to a five-minute walk Sometimes under-rated, yet always the best place to study: a library. Whether you choose to stay at the on-campus library or walk down Lorne Street to the Auckland Library, both have many places to knuckle down and understand what you have been taught. The con about libraries is that it’s not always easy to find a seat.

The Treehouse, WG Level 4 A couple minutes walk from anywhere on campus This is probably one of the most popular places for students to go between classes. The Treehouse can be found by following the windows past the level 4 entrance of the main lecture theatre. There is a lot of seating here, with booths that have power plugs and a view of the city. The booths are good for when you have a group project, but if you find yourself alone and looking for a seat feel free to ask someone if you can join them in one.

Any of the cafés on all AUT campuses Cafés are great for university students that need a quiet place where you can grab a coffee to help you stay awake for that last-minute essay due at 4pm. And, with the university Wi-Fi at your disposal, you can easily revise lecture slides right after you come out of the theatre.

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