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Welcome to Earth Week!

What is Earth Week?

How can we create a more beautiful world? What if doing more of what we love means our world can thrive? Earth Week is a series of talks, live music, interactive workshops and stalls across all three AUT campuses showcasing our role in shaping the future on our terms as young people.

We’re talking future trends unplugged with rad, down to earth humans who will share their learnings on what it means to live a life that follows their dreams, oozes authenticity and does something positive for this place we all call home.

Whether you check out the live music and stalls at our ‘Big Living Market’, hit a workshop over a drink in Vesbar, or cosy in for an EarthTalk, there’s going to be something for everyone.

What’s on?

• Big Living Market: Stalls, live music and more. • Ask Me Anything Cafe: Intimate chats with the coolest collection of humans for a Q&A session like no other about the future. • EarthTalks (daily) on the future of our environment, equality, tech and science. • Vision 2030: Auckland’s top speakers who give a shit about the world are coming to share their views, ideas and stories with you. From SPLORE Festival’s Founder, leading AI Tech for Good experts, to innovators in Green Energy – this is one TED Talk-like session not to be missed.

Why does it exist?

Earth Week was created by AUTSA and the Future Proofers Club at AUT, which is a community of students from faculties such as Science, Design, Communications and Business who want to make AUT more awesome. The Future Proofers Club wanted to see an event series that unpacked this crazy world we live in, in our language and from epic humans that inspire us and who dream big. This is an event run by students for students.

More about the Future Proofers AUT

We are a co-creating group who host events, projects, workshops and other cool initiatives we want to see happen at AUT. Basically, we’re just here future proofing things to make our lives and AUT more awesome. Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. We’re here to help you find your passions, start something, or just hang out with some like-minded people. Email:

Why you should go

It can be awkward, uncomfortable and disheartening to talk about the future of our planet, but it doesn’t have to be. And this week will give you the perfect opportunity to get pumped about the future and how you can be part of making it rad. It’s your one-stop-shop for inspiration this year, and it’ll be a great way to meet other like-minded individuals both at AUT and beyond. Come grab a beer, have a chat and get woke while doing it.

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