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Heated About Microwaves

When you’re a baddie on a budget like me, home-cooked meals really help keep your bank balance out of the negatives. Not to mention it’s healthier and more environmentally friendly. However, when AUT doesn’t provide enough microwaves around campus, the only things getting heated are the students themselves.

Our City Campus has 19 buildings and yet there are only a few locations with microwaves – most notably at the Student Lounge in WH, AUTSA’s Student Lounge in WC202 and two in Vesbar. Student complaints have been increasing, but what is AUT doing about it?

I spoke to some students at the Student Lounge in WH. When asked what they think of the lack of microwaves around campus, the consensus was that “this situation is such bullshit!” A student also commented on the fact that they “sometimes resort to eating cold food” because they don’t usually have enough time to get to the nearest microwave. Ayana Piper-Healion, a second-year Communications student, says, “Waiting for 20 plus minutes just to use a dirty microwave is a regular occurrence for many students at AUT.”

Simon Bell, manager of Vesbar, says that upon hearing the complaints from students about the lack of microwaves on campus during Semester One, they decided to take action and put up two microwaves in Vesbar. Simon says, “We are here to cater to students’ needs, and despite the minor impact in food sales at the bar, we’re still pleased that the microwaves are servicing students in a positive way.” Used by 20 plus students per day at Vesbar alone, Simon says “there is obviously a clear demand for microwaves”, and so far, the feedback he has received has been positive.

Renata White, Vice-President of AUTSA, says in the past AUT had multiple microwaves in WG, however, it appears “AUT may have discontinued these without producing a replacement”, the reason for which is still unknown. However, he says this has been noted by AUTSA and it is currently awaiting feedback from AUT about this. He says they have acknowledged that students are concerned with the queue lines that delay them and limit their time to eat home-cooked meals.

Having requested “many locations” to place new microwaves on campus, Renata says AUTSA is working to make a “fast impact” and is anticipating a response from AUT at their next meeting.

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