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Sub-Editor's Letter - Issue 10

Kia ora, and welcome to Issue 10!

I hope that your holiday (if you could even call it one!) went well. But, before I get into the fun stuff, there is an important point that I’d like to address.

Due to reasons which we cannot yet disclose, Julie Cleaver is no longer the editor of Debate Magazine. Julie wants each and every one of you reading this to know how much she loves you and will miss you. Julie has always given 200% to every single issue, including this one, and has undoubtedly left her mark here at Debate. Being the determined, unapologetic and absolute badass journalist that she is, Julie is such a huge inspiration to me and everyone around her – always striving to do what’s right. She could not have been a better person to work with, both inside and outside of Debate.

She has done an incredible job with this issue. The process of brainstorming with her to find topics for this issue was fun and awkward…but mostly fun.

In this issue, we cover loads of topics – some AUT news: the recent proposal for job cuts from the Culture & Society faculty and the unexpected closure of North Campus’ Al Parco; as well as a very in-depth review of the sex lives of AUT students (boy, did I enjoy writing that one!). Then, we have an evocative article about how to have sex after sexual assault; a thought piece about the questionable PornHub genre, Fauxcest; the past and present of sex; and many more!

I know I said that the last issue was a spicy one, but I think this one definitely takes the cake.

As always, thank you to all of our incredible contributors – writers, artists and photographers – and, it goes without saying, thank you to Julie for putting this magazine together.


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