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Editor's Letter - Issue 11

Tēnā koutou tauira. Long time no see!

Welcome to the last issue of Debate for 2018, and the beginning of the end of another year.

Bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing me back here anytime soon, huh? Neither did I. But as fate would have it, I’m bringing you one last issue, sourced, compiled and edited in its entirety from the kitchen table of my dimly-lit apartment in Brooklyn, New York. And man, long distance is hard — so, a big shout out to the contributors who I accidentally emailed in the middle of the night.

Semester II is probably starting to feel pretty real right about now, as exam time looms and those big-ass assignment deadlines pile up. If you’re anything like me, this kind of stress leads you to spend the majority of your time in your sweats, consuming mostly high fructose corn syrup-based foods, and doing just about anything but studying. Yeah, I see you.

Should you need a break from all that procrastinating, we got you. This issue is all about time. Something you’re probably wishing you had more of right now. Within these 44 pages, we take you from the past to the present to the future. Nishita Chandra goes back in time to the humble beginnings of instant noodles, Abi Johnson brings us a great piece on redemption in the age of #MeToo, and Irra Lee asks why us millennials don’t seem that interested in taking control of our future.

A ginormous thank you to all our super talented contributing writers and artists, and to Julie and Jennifer who have done an incredible job of editing your favourite student mag this year. But most of all, thanks to Ramina, Debate’s designer and real-life angel, who works so hard behind the scenes to bring you a beautiful magazine every fortnight.

Sending you all the study vibes from across the seas, and wishing you well in your exams. We’ll be back next year with more cool content and a shiny new editor.



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