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An Existential Pickle Which Landed Me in New York

My Uber driver exclaimed to me, “Oh, New Zealand gurl, do you speak French?” and I could have said, “Oui”, but instead I said, “Do you know where New Zealand is?” There was a short silence, “Oh in Scandinavia?”

This is when I knew, I wasn’t in New Zealand anymore.

Ah, New York, New York, where everything is bigger and better so you have to say it twice. The reason why I have trudged from afar (not quite Scandinavia), is due to landing myself a life-changing opportunity through AUT Internz. Google them now. I’ll wait.

Last year I found myself in an existential pickle when I was about to embark on my last semester of my Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Journalism. Believe me, people thought I had it all together, but I was so lost about what I really wanted to do after university. Trust me, you’re not meant to have it ‘all together’, uncertainty is the root of all progress and growth. You should allow yourself to find your place in the world. *Cue AUT Internz*

I knew some truths about myself, I wanted to get out of New Zealand, I wanted to do something completely different, and I wanted to be able to make an impact. When I initially applied for the internship with Play Rugby USA (a non-profit organisation which develops children through rugby), I researched its every nook and cranny. I wanted to know that if I was going to dedicate myself to apply for an overseas internship, then I was going to put my heart and soul into that shit. Looks like it paid off.

It’s not as easy as it seems. For some, it can be a time-consuming lengthy process; making sure your CV looks sexy and credible, your passport picture isn’t you as an 8-year-old, dedicating some time out of your busy life to really engage with what you are applying for, and making sure you have the necessary skills. For example, I wouldn’t apply for a finance internship when I sometimes can’t figure out what ‘8 + 7’ is.

Next thing you know, you could be on a 13-hour flight over to America, just like I was just a couple of weeks ago, ready to embark on this life-changing and incredible opportunity to live and breathe New York. Although, you must have a strong mind and thick skin. It will beat you up at times, but if you make New York your bitch (like I am), then you will be just fine. My jaw is constantly open in awe of the place. Most mornings I wake up and I look outside my window to a real-life snow globe, it’s magical.

My lasting words are these: You don’t know what is out there until you go and get it. Nothing good will ever come to you if you wait.

Go and check out AUT Internz, for all you know, it may change your life.If you want to keep up with travels, experiences and writing, (cheeky plug), follow me on IG @gabbietutheridge Check your eligibility and express interest now for a 2020 scholarship to intern in your industry overseas at

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