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The Loo Review

Debate delved into the bowels of AUT’s facilities to find out which random cross-section of ‘all gender’ bathrooms come out on top. AUT has around 80 all ‘gender toilets’ which is pretty cool. You can find the full list at the bottom.

City Campus

WZ Building

Students in this building study boring things like maths but this means they’re good at calculating the correct vectors when aiming for the toilet bowl. It provides for a very clean bathroom and I am pleased to report there was no wee on the ceiling and the lovely porcelain seat had not yet been kicked off the base of the toilet. Debate would like to point out that around 1 bazillion bored engineering students peered at the editor and subeditor locking themselves in the loo to investigate. It was rude.

WU Building I couldn’t find this toilet. If the weird smells and huge stains on the floor are anything to go by, my predecessors may have not had much luck finding it either? The sheer number of signs warning of surveillance made me feel very unwelcome from the get-go and I had a strange feeling I was being followed. The lift never came so I took the stairs causing the building to groan as if it needed to poo too. I left briskly.

WD Building

Surprisingly clean but the automatic door smashed into the editorial assistant when she went to open the toilet door and she was already in pain that day from a spider bite she had so we kind of got off on the wrong foot with this one. That being said, it’s much nicer than the men’s toilet next door which is yuck. Would still recommend - but you’ve been warned about the door.

WG Building

Shrieks of crazed communications students aplenty! Welcome to WG! Despite the chaos, the WG all gender bathrooms are quite a good option. The one we examined had a drain in the floor which one can only assume is there if people pee so much the toilet overflows. Debate also presumes a comms student sat on the sink mistaking it for a chair and broke it off as it looked like it had been reattached. There was peeling paint everywhere despite the building being relatively new. Still a really great lavatory although there’s a few superficial flaws.

South Campus

MH Building

Walked in and almost lost consciousness from the smell. The toilet was really nice despite this, and MH building in general is lovely and glam af! The poo colour toilet doors are a nice design feature here.

MA Building

University students clearly can’t be trusted as this toilet is filled with important signage aiming to teach you the correct order to wash your hands, flush and wipe. The signage even gets into the specifics of how long to hold the flush down for (2 seconds!!) Micromanagement aside, this toilet was fine and seemed very popular.

North Campus

AL Building

Nickelodeon orange door with a weird grippy floor. Baby change table a nice addition if you happen to have a baby- probably not much use if you don’t. Down a long corridor so very nice and secluded if you like to poo in private.

AF Building

This toilet had a fancy automatic door which I couldn’t figure out how to close so I kind of just stood in there with a concerned look on my face as people walked past. It was quite clean and odour was minimal. Would recommend for the tech savvy toilet user.


All Gender Toilets on Campus:


WA 405B, 504, 604, 704

WB 209, 221, 321, 422

WD 103

WE 216, 217

WG 223, 301, 321, 414, 519, 611, 710, 811, 911, 1016, 1216

WH 505

WM 402, 602

WO 903, 1003, 1403

WR 102, 138A

WS 111, 519


AA 102A, 130, 211, 212

AC 205

AE T01A, T01B

AF 119A

AG 120

AH 108, 116, 117, 118, 210

AJ 102

AL 130B

AP 111

AR 108, 132, 143, 145, 152


MA 103

MB 102C

MC 107, 208

ME 105E, 105F

MH 114, 211, 214, 321, 324

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