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AUT STEM Women is a city campus club open to women and gender diverse students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We support students through helping them network (industry visits) and through the development of soft skills (presenting and speaking). We also provide a mini-community within AUT where we support each other with projects, study and future careers outside the university. We try to host many events throughout the year, from pizza all the way to public lectures which can help students engage, make friends, and learn.


You know that one really elite, really exclusive music club that was full of people you hated in high school? Well this ain’t it. Based at AUT’s City campus, AUT Music’s main goal is to jam out to some of your favourite songs whilst also offering a safe space to play your instrument or sing your heart out. We aren’t elite, nor are we exclusive, so no matter what you play you can always come and see what we do and join in! We have a wide range of music flavours - some of us love jazz, some rock out and others have found roots in soul so there’s no limit to what we can do! We’ll be doing various performances throughout the year so if you want to see us in action, keep an eye out. Otherwise, you can catch us on our Facebook: AUTM. We hope to see you soon!


For more info, email with your name, AUT ID number, phone number, email address and the club(s) you would like to join. They’ll forward your details to the appropriate club leaders.

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