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Hot Choccy Reviews

I am not a mega Foodie (Drinkie? Is that even a thing? Who knows) but as someone who doesn’t drink and can’t stand the taste of coffee, my hot chocolate palette has grown a bit over my 19 years of existence. Here are some of the gems I’ve found around Auckland.

The Garnet Station



One of the most proudly warm and inviting places that I’ve been. It’s run by two lovely ladies who have created a beautifully chic and vintage inspired café. My drink didn’t come with any marshmallows sadly, but was piping hot! I managed to snag a power plug and helped myself to the free wifi to get some work done.




Three Kings


As I walked in it was all hustle and bustle with everyone from mums with toddlers, to businessmen and policewomen all lined up for their morning fix. The hot choccy was decadently sweet and as cheap as they come. It even arrived with a chocolate silver fern on top. I wouldn’t recommend this place as a study nook seeing as there’s no free wifi or accessible plug ins, but for a hot drink with friends, this place is one to check out for sure!



The Kimchi Project

Lorne Street (5 mins from city campus!)


The perfect study/sit-down-to-have-a-hot-drink hotspot. You can choose either to sit in a cozy front area of cushioned tables and booths, or keep going and you’ll find a secret garden area out the back. There’s free wifi throughout and the service is SNAPPY. Just two minutes in and my drink had arrived. This is the first place I’ve encountered that puts sprinkles on top - a very nice touch. For a student, The Kimchi Project offered everything I needed and would like in a café and a hot choccy.



If you want to keep up to date with my Auckland hot choc reviews, check out my Instagram @hotchocsof_auckland

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