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Best of the Worst: Noodles

Illustration by Danya Patel

2-minute noodles. A beautiful, flavoursome, convenient and hella cheap meal. But there are so many...How does one simply know which type to choose? I decided to rate 5 different brands to see which came out on top. My body hated me for it, but my bank account didn’t.

Suimin Spicy Thai

These noodles are like no other. They have enough spice and flavour that I could eat it all again and again. There’s also a good mixture of vegetables so you can keep up that 5+ a day.

Cost: $1.49

Stars: 4/5

Indomie Mi Goreng

Indomie noodles are great - I’m not gonna lie. They have spice, flavour and whatever you could wish for in your boiling watered noodle cake. They’re often a favourite.

Cost: $1.70

Stars: 5/5

Choice Beef Noodles

These noodles surprised me. For 60 cents I was expecting them to be shit, but they were pretty damn good. They were ready before two minutes (aaaamazing) and had a nice range of mixed vegetables, herbs and a yum not-too-beefy beef broth. BONUS: For 60 cents you get a free fork.

Cost: $0.60

Stars: 4/5

Just Noodles Ramen Spicy Chilli

I am a person who likes spice so when the noodles have ‘spicy chilli’ in the name I expect some HEAT. And, well...I didn’t get a lot. There was no spice until I ate well over half of the noodles and they were sitting in the water. I would say it was a solid 3/5 for spice, hot, but nothing that made me grab some water.

Cost: $1.00

Stars: 2/5

Trident Tom Yum

These are top of the tier when it comes to 2-minute noodles. Fancy rice noodles, a heap a flavour and a whole lot of spice, unite! For $1.50 they are totally worth it and why not switch up your old and tired noodles for a more shmancy type? But if you’re not into spicy food you may want to steer clear as these are a solid 4/5 when it comes to spice.

Cost: $1.50

Stars: 5/5

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