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Best of the Worst: Kombucha

For this issue I decided I was going to find my inner hippie and dive into the kombucha trend. I’m not gonna lie, this shit is expensive and I wasn’t convinced it was going to make me feel better on the inside, but it was a nice thought.

Wonder Drink

Wonder Drink Asian pear and ginger kombucha is bloody delicious. I’d come to expect that vinegar taste when drinking kombucha, but this was just so freakin’ awesome. It was full of pear and ginger flavour and I fell in love. They had some really interesting other flavours as well so I will definitely be going back to try them as it’s my new favourite drink.

Cost: $3.00 for 250ml Stars: 5/5


Lo Bros

As it’s feijoa season I thought I’d give this one a go but don’t bother! I LOVE feijoas and feijoa season is my favourite time of the year but the Lo Bros feijoa flavoured kombucha was a let down. It had the tiniest taste of feijoa and was like drinking vinegar. Cost: $3.50 for 330ml Stars: 1/5



I always see this brand in the supermarkets and I assume it’s quite popular because a lot of people buy it. It may be popular but it’s not good. It could have been the ginger and lemon flavour I picked but there wasn’t anything special about Amplify and you couldn’t really taste the flavour like the others I tried. Cost: $3.00 for 250ml Stars: 1/5


Good Buzz

I liked this one because it had cute little doodles on the bottle and the most adorable packaging. I can’t complain with the flavour. I got raspberry and lemon and it tasted exactly like that, raspberry and lemon! Cost: $4.00 for 328ml Stars: 4/5

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