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Have You Bin Recycling?

Illustration by Ramina Rai

Recycling is cool now. People actually roast each other for putting their shit in the wrong bins - I know this because I do the roasting. Mostly along the lines of, “NO, NOT STYROFOAM ARE YOU STUPID?!” or, “WASH YOUR CAN BEFORE YOU RECYCLE IT.” But less aggressive.

The Auckland Council website is like the student lounge - something I’ve never actually used but probably should. There’s a whole bunch of information on there about waste and recycling that I assumed was this thing no one talked about because it was somehow obvious.

Sometimes I turn a container over to see if it has a number 1 or 2 inside the little recycling symbol, but I’m not entirely sure that’s still relevant. I usually go with my common sense on what goes where which still probably makes the recycling bin-sorter-guys curse my house number.

I have compiled a nice wee list in the illustration of what you can and can’t recycle (just another reason to be passive aggressive to your flatmates). Please note that nappies and batteries cannot be recycled...clearly someone out there has done it for the council to feel the need to mention it. Monsters.

Beyond the humble pizza box, there is so much you can recycle, people just need to make the effort. Brace yourselves for this, but sometimes the whole Uber Eats bag and contents can’t go in the recycling bin. I know, crazy talk. So, keep a keen eye out when it comes to your waste and pay attention to where you should be aiming with a three-pointer shot from the couch.

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