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Debate Through the Ages

Debate has successfully survived for ages! We had a dig through the archives in honour of our nostalgia issue and the most important thing we discovered is that there used to be a McDonalds on the City Campus.

1998: We were going to be called wHAt?

In 1998, AUT, then known as ‘AIT’, came dangerously close to being renamed ‘UTA’ which sounds dangerously close to ‘UTI’. It was a narrow escape.

Flatting was dirt cheap.

In the ‘Survivor's Guide to Flatting’ the average weekly expenses were listed as being between $80-$120. The WSA students spending a fortune on hall accommodation are probably spewing right now.

Someone spent 12 hours in a bathroom.

An icon by the name of Laurna Hall spend 12 hours “investigating the mysterious world of the women’s toilets.” It was a different time.

2003: Michael Jackson was accused of child abuse around this time but in Debate he remained the go-to agony aunt??

Vesbar wanted to get you really drunk.

ST PAUL St Gallery, The business building, arts building and Wellesley Student Apartments were all being built.

Did the City Campus even exist?

You were cordially invited to learn about a career at Maccas for 4 hours.

2008: Some relatable points

“No one likes genital warts.”

Vile misogyny was given a platform?

“Dear Q&A I’ve been seeing this girl for a while now and things have been going excellently, except for one thing that is really bothering me. She is a little on the chubby side. How exactly do I tell my girlfriend to lose some weight? From Tom”

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