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Editor's Letter: Issue 7

Nostalgia isn’t something I experience very often. I’m just not very fixated on the past anymore. I was, however, watching the film Boyhood on a plane some time ago and, embarrassingly did find myself shedding a tear (a small one). It made me think about my family and how we were never going to experience certain things together ever again. It caused a pang of something - I’m not sure I’d call it nostalgia. Maybe it was a pang of realisation that I’m getting older.

It was actually Debate’s editorial assistant, Sophia, who had the idea for this theme. The cupboard in our back office is filled with 20 odd years’ worth of past Debate magazines and it got us talking about the old days that we weren’t here for. This meticulous record keeping from previous Debate editors made us wonder what hidden gems there were within. Inside the bound copies we found some great stuff and also some super questionable stuff. Student media can be brutal sometimes!

In this issue we look at the past, the present and what’s new. One of my favourite pieces in this issue is Beth Lord’s piece on The Australian Women’s Weekly Cake Book. This is a pretty pervasive little publication and I’d be interested to know how many of you had one of these growing up.

Debate’s Sam Deakin also looks at nostalgia, this time from the perspective of how much dating has changed over the years. It’s changed a lot and, call her cynical, but there’s a lot of truth to her words.

Also, in this issue, Dan Brunskill takes a look at what’s happening with the newly established ProLife AUT club, and the various opposing forces to this. This is an interesting read, especially due to some of the recent comments that have come from the club in response to the Alabama laws in the US.

Finally, I would like to wish you all the best with your exams - it strikes fear in my soul to even think about sitting another exam in my life. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

We’ll be back on stands with our Re O Week issue on July 15.

Talk then,


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