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Editor's Letter

I hope you all enjoyed your break and didn’t freeze in this weather. I thought it would have been quiet in the Debate offices but Zumba seemed to still be going strong at the gym and our windows rattled continuously through what seemed like the entirety of the holiday.

The Debate team and I have been busy preparing this issue in time for re o week and we chose the ‘D’ theme as we knew a lot of you would be getting your exam results back this week. I’m sure some of you did really well and some of you did not so. Many of us have been there before and so we wanted to put an issue together reminding you that other people get shit grades sometimes too.

When I was a student here, I always felt like there was so much riding on my grades and I became really consumed by everything. I encourage you to not get consumed because it’s the worst. Those feelings don’t last forever.

In this issue, we look not only at what to do if you get a D, but also lots of other things that begin with the letter D. Debate’s Sophia Romanos discussed dodgy landlords (she has one herself), Meoghan Craig talked about the realities of study when you have dyslexia and Debate’s Dan Brunskill explored exactly why AUT doesn’t appear to be a very political campus.

We also have tons of reviews in this issue as well as an incredible doughnut recipe from the wonderful Melissa Koh that you don’t want to miss.

I would also like to mention that AUTSA’s elections are coming up and I’m sure you don’t care about them but I’m begging you to care! The Student Representative Council (SRC) has more power than you might realise and if this power is used for evil (or just not used at all) then your student levy money that funds AUTSA is not being well spent!

Whilst it would suit me just fine if a bunch of weirdos were elected into the SRC (the potential news stories would be great), I really do hope you get out and vote. The SRC needs people that will fight for your voice to be heard and not just with each other.

Talk soon, Ben

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