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Editor's Letter

I think you’re crazy if you don’t think you need to be powerful to go to uni. Not in a hierarchical sense, but in a strength kind of way. To have the strength to drag yourself out of bed, the strength to run to the bus and the strength to put up with your tutor telling you that your work’s not perfect.

There were times during the course of my own study when I didn’t think I could do it anymore. Times that I felt I couldn’t physically cross the threshold and walk onto the campus. There were moments that I did just turn around and head home because I was too afraid that someone might tell me that I wasn’t good enough.

I’m proud of the times that I ran off and I’m equally proud of the times I stayed because I think I was doing the right thing for myself and my sanity in those moments. Uni life is jarring for some and absolutely incredible for others. What is undisputable, however, is the guts that it takes to walk into somewhere every week knowing your work is going to be examined, analysed, picked apart…the list goes on. There’s power in the person that knows all of this and still bravely walks into uni to start their day.

In this issue, we examined power in multiple contexts. James Tapp looked at workplace bullying and how power imbalances can really make life difficult. Many of you will be heading out into the workplace soon and James has some really good advice around what and who to look out for.

This issue also delves into queer power in society with Abi Johnson’s piece on how it’s still very difficult to be different. Maia Hall also looked at power but in the food sense: how you actually have power in the supermarket over what you buy and choose to believe in.

This issue also has lots of other bits and pieces including an amazing power themed recipe from Melissa Koh and film reviews with a power focus from James Page.

Finally, I hope you’re enjoying being back at uni - keep an eye out for our next issue which is already well on its way.


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