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A Letter From 'That Social Media Guy'

Yo yo waddup, it’s ya boi Jimmy T the social media dude. With her adult life becoming a rotation of paying rent and going to the dentist, Rebecca resorted to passing her work onto others while advocating for the caffeine in apples. That’s pretty much it with her, so I might as well talk about myself. For those of you who don’t know me, after reading this you’ll hopefully either want to know me or will want to steer clear. I’m a second year communications and business conjoint student who for the most part has put studies to the side. Some may call me insane, but on top of assignments, I’m writing and working for the mag, a journalist for 95bFM, vice president of AUT’s management consultancy club as well as a student ambassador. I’m a *hip* indie boi whose main character trait is to listen to Sufjan Stevens while staring out a rainy window. So if you’re ever wanting music recommendations or a good chat, either hit up our Instagram & Facebook (@debate_mag or @jimbo_tapp), or head to our Spotify to find curated playlists from our lovely music columnist, Lyric.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen some reeeeal hectic politics from Iain Lees-Galloway to Andrew Falloon. It just feels like our politicians have started to think with their dicks instead of their so called brains. So in the world of journalism, this is the juicy line up of rumours, allegations and gossip we’ve all been wanting. Now that I’m at uni it feels like these are the only rumours which haven’t disappeared. Perhaps I’ve found better friends, or maybe people have just stopped giving a shit about what others do with their lives. Sure there’s the ‘who slept with who’ and the ‘I saw them with her’, but that doesn’t have the life crushing force it did when we were 14. So now, as we all seem to get older, all the gossip seems to just hold so much weight, people are getting married to the kid down the street or having a baby with their ex. And if you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit too single, which at least means there’s never rumours about me.

That’s enough about me and my life, let’s dive into this issue of unbelievable writing. For myself the easy starting point is Andrew Broadley’s piece on Pizzagate and how the ‘woke’ TikTok kids have it all wrong. As any wise person should say, don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet.

Moving along to something a bit more light hearted, Esther MacKay looks at some of the so called rumours about those we worship, celebrities that is. Keanu Reeves is easily mistaken for Jesus at times, and if Esther is onto something, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true (no man should be allowed to be that kind, good looking and talented).

Finally as a journalist and someone who feels everyone should be engaging with the world around us, make sure to read the news. There’s been a lot of fucked up shit, and those in power need to be held accountable. Make sure to read the student news but to also engage with national news, especially with the elections around the corner (make sure to register to vote!).

Much love from ‘That Social Media Guy’, James


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