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A Semester in Review at AUT: With rose tinted glasses the Debate team take a trip down memory lane

Illustrations by Yi Jong

Rebecca Zhong (Editor)

So a lot of shit went down in the first semester that undoubtedly warrants attention and concern. We’ve heard about the utter injustices that exist in student accommodation, Derek’s and his bois' undying persistence to tiptoe around everything, and to top it all off... toxic power dynamics and sexual harassment allegations! You’re really outdoing yourself, AUT. And while I can talk shit about all these things at length, I have to admit AUT has at least attempted to provide some insight and resolutions. But on a purely administrative level let’s talk about block learning. Honestly the whole process wasn’t that far from when you’re off your face at a flat party and you and your mate have a yarn over what you think is an ingenious business idea. The next morning you’re pretty much bound to realise it was a shit idea and you should probably stick to your day job. AUT decision makers on the other hand were completely sober and just ran with it. This is living proof that I don’t need to be well informed to make decisions that will impact others, I just have to be white and male.

Andrew Broadley (Feature Writer)

When I was at school I would often hear the phrase “Don’t dog on the boys.” A childish phrase about brotherhood and loyalty, but one that often had underlying misogyny to it. A boys boys boys at all cost mentality. It’s a phrase I thought was just that, childish, and one I didn’t think would carry on beyond school. But more or less, AUT seems pretty keen to not “dog on its boys.” The handling of the sexual accusations against senior members of staff has been pretty poor, and the following claims that this ‘boys club’ culture isn’t an isolated incident has brought back these memories of high school. Sorry to say it AUT, but I think it’s time to dog on the boys

James Tapp (Digital Content Manager)

It’s only July, and AUT has not only shown their incompetence, but also lack of empathy. It feels like I’m watching a flailing fish, gasping for air, ready to get back into the ocean where they feel safe. Instead they’ve been caught. Unlike the other fish in the sea, they took the bait of block learning, but managed to get off the hook before they reached the surface. Whether it was the students' voices or general disagreement from staff that led to them deciding it wasn’t so tasty, it doesn’t feel like we’ll really know. Derek and his school of snapper (snapper because all of Derek’s bois are rich white men, so naturally snapper is the appropriate choice) seem a bit embarrassed to talk about it. So while AUT has tasted the bait and now know the consequences, they still seem adamant to take another nibble and continue to flail to the dismay of their students.

Seth Nicholls (Editorial Assistant)

My exam season was a complete fuck-up. Worked 15 hours on each of my two exams and still missed the deadline AND I missed my final test for a course. Now I might have to retake the paper!


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