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Across the Ditch

Our buddies in Australia actually have a pretty fantastic music scene going on. The few artists

I tapped into during lockdown really spiced up my Blackboard-bound days. With talks of a

potential trans-Tasman bubble in the future, what better time than now to get into some

Aussie acts. These three are a bit of a mix from pop to rock to folk, but all have the vibes to

suffice until we can explore their backyard again. By Alana Rae

Hollie Col

Hollie is my personal favourite. This became especially apparent when I was informed by Spotify that I played her music every single day of lockdown. This Sydney singer songwriter sends it from the heart. She’ll provide an energising pick me up or gut-wrenching catharsis for

any time of the day, so quite ideal all round. Her earlier songs were quite folk but are starting to move toward an indie-pop-rock feel. Either way, her raw emotive story-telling, paired with

angelic vocals, make for a wholesome ride down acoustic lane. Be sure to follow her Instagram for some top tier cat content…I didn’t know it was possible for someone to love their pet that much.

Verdict: An LGBTQ+ artist with charisma for days? What’s not to love.

Songs to start with: Let Yourself Down and She Knows

Instagram: @holliecol


Upon first discovery of Mallrat, you simply wish you were her. She has that effortless pop sound and a tendency to undercomplicate. But not long after properly taking in her lyrics, you realise there’s a lot more going on there. Her songs are deeply confessional, but this somehow doesn’t detract from the laidback production and delivery. It’s surprising how universal her seemingly very specific songs can be which, to be honest, only adds to the charm. With a never-ending supply of catchy hooks, this 21-year-old from Brisbane can steal your heart - and mind - throughout the course of her three solid EPs.

Verdict: Relatable indie-pop queen.

Songs to start with: Groceries and Suicide Blonde

Instagram: @lilmallrat

Ball Park Music

I’ll honestly never get sick of lead vocalist, Sam Cromack, serenading me with a good, hearty belt. Ball Park Music is a team of five from Brisbane who I dream of seeing live one day. I mean, watching the orchestration of these layered-to-the-brim songs play out would be an event in itself. This band is pretty well-loved and their longevity is a testament to their timeless ‘bangers’, if you will. There are, however, a few claims they play into the '90s pop rock sound. Despite my lack of expertise in that era, it may explain the dash of nostalgia that comes with their musical journey. Needless to say, I’m here for it.

Verdict: A sunshiney way to let out the angst.

Songs to start with: It’s Nice To Be Alive and Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You

Instagram: @ballparkmusic


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