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AUTSA 2022 Executive Elected

By Justin Wong (he/him)

AUTSA has announced the results of the 2021 election.

Sara Yousef has been elected as AUTSA President for 2022 and 2023 with 506 votes, defeating runner-up Ashley Kirkness by 107 votes.

Michael Kanara came third with 153 votes, with Jaskaran Singh fourth with 97.

Ms Yousef told Debate before the election she wanted to have less invasive financial assistance processes, and more support for clubs from AUTSA to grow the student association’s engagement.

Current Rainbow Affairs Officer Zina Abu Ali is elected as Vice President (Community) with a comfortable majority of 172 over Alex Sun, who lost all three of his contests in this election.

Nanako Ashley Yoshika-Watters will represent the Culture and Society Faculty at the AUTSA executive after defeating incumbent Sophie Ratcliffe, who was already elected uncontested as the City’s Accommodation Officer.

Conor Thomas won the Design and Creative Technologies Representative race with a majority of 67 votes over Alex Sun.

Eloise Cameron Smith is the new City Campus Representative after a closely contested race saw her defeating Nanako Ashley Yoshika-Watters by just nine votes.

Alex Sun came third with 163, and James King-Turner, who has been automatically elected as Mature Students Officer, finished forth on 160 votes.

Harry Chen received 534 votes to become the Rainbow Officer for 2021, 165 more than incumbent Zina Abu Ali.

Incumbent Student Wellbeing Officer Alana Rae has lost re-election, losing to Tanvi Narayan by 32 votes. Sophie Ratcliffe went third in the race, followed by Nanako Ashley Yoshioka-Watters.

They will join current Design & Creative Technologies Faculty Representative Macauley Cunningham (next year’s Vice President Academic), re-elected Disabilities Affairs Officer Margaret Fowlie Rastrick, Willy Ili (Pasifika Affairs Officer), Aashish Kulkarni (International Affairs’ Officer), and Khooshi Patel (Accommodation Officer North) at the 2022 executive.

However, eight executive positions remain vacant, including representatives for Māori students, postgraduates, three faculties, and two campuses.

AUTSA said the new executive can elect a person at its discretion to fill any vacant positions without an election.

Debate understands Ms Yousef has already reached an agreement with individuals to fill some of the vacant positions, including the Business, Economics, and Law Faculty Representative role.


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