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AUTSA fills Two Vacant Roles at the First SRC Meeting

By David Williams (he/him)

AUTSA student reps successfully elected two students to the previously unfilled North Campus Representative, and Diversity Affairs Officer at the inaugural student representative council meeting.

The student association was hoping to fill the positions after last year’s SRC elections left many roles on the council vacant due to low turnout from candidates.

Candidates for the two unfilled positions were voted on by SRC members.

Nathan Fehr was successful in his bid to be the North Campus Representative. He emphasised his previous experience in student governance during the election.

“I've been involved with the SRC in my undergrad, having been the first Student Wellbeing Officer and holding a position as Student Director on the AUTSA Governance Board.”

Fehr has a Bachelor of Science double-majoring in Biomedical Science and Molecular Genetics, and is currently doing a master's in Biomedical Science. His goal on the SRC is to assist others to continue working during this challenging environment.

“I hope to promote the sense of community currently at the North Campus while also promoting togetherness during these seemingly unending interruptions to our learning.”

Tasfia Mahmood triumphed in the election between her and Joanna McDonald for the Diversity Affairs Officer. She believes that diversity is a powerful tool to bring people together.

“Diversity isn’t merely meeting a quota of various skin colours, beliefs, and identities. It’s about understanding that different perspectives shaped by your values and your life are vital for society to progress.”

Mahmood is thrilled by her election and the reception she has received from other members of the SRC.

“Everyone is passionate about their portfolio and has a keen sense of wanting to give back to the community, especially in the Covid environment. So far, everyone has been super lovely and welcoming.”

Her goal as Diversity Affairs Officer is to embrace and celebrate the mix of cultures on every AUT campus.

“I aim to incorporate future cultural celebrations and facilitate spaces where students can be educated and learn more about one another - the way they act, the way they see the world, and how their upbringing plays into their identity,” she said.

“My ultimate goal is to create a space where respectful discourse and dialogue regarding your identity is not only normal but encouraged.”

AUTSA’s Academic Vice President Macauley Cunningham said he was delighted with the newly selected representatives.

“I know that [Nathan] is a capable member who will definitely perform well in his role. Although I had not met Tasfia previously, she has gotten off to a running start in her role, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results she is producing.”


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