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AUTSA to Begin the Process of Hiring a New General Manager

By Rebecca Zhong (she/her)

In an email sent on the 7th of July, AUTSA President and Chair of the Governance Board, Sisifa Lui, announced that the Governance Board has begun the process of appointing a new full-time General Manager for AUTSA.

For the last 12 months, Simon Bell has supported the Board in an interim role after the departure of AUTSA’s previous General Manager, Will Waterson, to Auckland University Students' Association (AUSA).

In the email addressed to both AUTSA Operation staff and the Student Representative Council (SRC), Lui mentions that Bell has eased the turbulence of an eventful year.

“Simon has ably supported the Board in an interim role which has been a substantial assistance through the unusual year that we had.

“In discussion about the right way forward the Board has decided that we will move to the recruitment of a full-time General Manager and have worked on the Position Description for that role.”

The Board has enlisted Tribe Recruitment as a search arm and are already working closely with the agency to create a positive and focused framework for the General Manager.

“We will go through a high-quality, fair and transparent process which will be open to applicants from internal and external candidates.”

The job listing is available online on Tribe Recruitment and is currently taking applications.


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