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Cop or Drop: What To Add To Your University Wardrobe

Microtrends vs. Timeless pieces: We’re all well aware of how microtrends are yassified and how short-lived fashion is these days. It is extremely harmful for the environment for us to constantly cycle through trends, so it is essential to invest in pieces for our wardrobe that are timeless and essential. Here are some tips on how to look stylish around campus, including what trends you should ‘cop or drop’.


It is no secret that cargos are in right now, from the Miami Vice pants to the parachute-style cargo. No matter your gender or style, cargos are super flattering and I have been wearing them for years. I do, however, see them as more of a trend than a timeless piece, and can envision them losing their popularity as everyday wear. Unless you are seriously in love with them (regardless of if they were out of style), I would not recommend buying a pair.


Another pant trend going around is the Dickies 874s. The rolled down Dickies microtrend is something we’ve all seen, and if it is something you are into, feel free to join. One thing that separates this microtrend from the rest is that once it dies, you are left with a pair of super high-quality work pants you can roll back up. Also, they are available in lots of colours, so that is a plus! These are a cop for me and I think we will be seeing a lot more of them around campus this coming season.


There is nothing better than a good pair of headphones for university, and the Airpod Max has recently emerged as one of the most popular fashion accessories. Even though they look incredible, this one is still a hard drop given the price and quality. The best bet if you are still interested in buying into this trend is to get a pair of Bose or Sony headphones half price as they still look cool, have noise-cancelling, and are much higher quality than the AirPod Max.


Djerf Avenue has also become known as a trendy store recently. Although, the production behind each garment is much more ethical than what we are used to within our chain stores, each collection is generally very basic. If you are just interested in them for the trend alone, you can find much of the core collection at op shops and on Trade Me for over 80% cheaper, which I recommend looking into before investing in the Djerf Avenue brand. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a higher-quality piece that will last, this trend is a worthwhile investment since it is ethically produced and manufactured, as well as timeless.


You can instantly improve any outfit with a great scarf. Buying a timeless accessory is one of the simplest ways to switch out your wardrobe as it is cheap and can completely transform the clothes that you already own. If the Acne chequered scarf is out of your budget, there are many dupes and ways to find something similar for less.


Fun fact: Unlike knitting, true crochet can never be achieved with a machine, and therefore this trend needs to be dropped. Faster changing trends means that producers are under pressure to manufacture clothes more rapidly, which leads to greater exploitation of workers and even worse working conditions. Imitations exist, but real crochet can only be made by hand. So, don't buy into this trend unless we, or someone we know, is hand making the items.


Leather jackets are timeless pieces in a university wardrobe, and it is imperative to invest in a high quality one that will last for years to come. If you want to make the trend more unique to you - check out Facebook Marketplace, Trade Me, or op shops before buying from Glassons or other chain stores.

Author : Mila van der Plas


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