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From the Editor

Is that really the Editor of Debate next to Carly Rae Jepsen? You betcha. International gigs are coming back, which means it was time to dust-off this vintage memory from December 2019. Carly returned to the stage in Coachella the other weekend alongside countless other artists that were patiently waiting to perform. Knock on wood, Big Thief will finally make it here! These gigs are already selling out so get in quick! And as much as we love our big-name musicians, you’ll find plenty of fresh local talent in this issue with some interviews and mini-spotlights that span Mid-West-Auckland Emo to Korean indie. Show the latter some love at Hikuwai Sessions this Friday the 6th!

I love music. From going to see the Gorillaz with my mum when I was twelve (none of my friends were allowed to join), to singing with some of the coolest choirs from around the world in Germany at the end of high school, music has always been an important part of my life. I’m still only scratching the surface. Not exactly a scorching take here, but good taste in music is overrated (talk that talk, Petra!). It most often just comes down to listening to a lot of different shit, and that’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. I can think of many perfect ways to start a day. Near the top of the list? Lying in bed, listening to something new. If that’s also you, here’s some of my favourite songs from this year so far, in no particular order:


True story: this song cured my headache the other day. I probably wouldn’t recommend trying the same, but check it out anyway if you’re partial to aggressive experimental hip-hop.

Clockwalk Around The Ache - Asian Glow, Weatherday

Endlessly replayable as I await that dreamy melody at 1:50 which serenades us out. This is your sign to romanticise your life! Check out the rest of this collaborative tape for more quality lo-fi rock.

THE BEACH - Vince Staples

This might be one of my favourite Vince Staples songs. Clocking in at just over a minute, he shares this space with only a bass guitar and a deceptively uplifting organ to begin his album. Vince’s delivery is relentless and resigned, his signature combo that’s met with a brief appearance from one of my favourite cadences of his, taken from ‘ARE YOU WITH THAT’, another iconic album opener.

All My Pretty Dresses - Destroyer

I’m sorry, but our time together’s coming to a close, sings Dan Bejar over one of the prettiest dance tracks the band has put together. As if I wasn’t already in love, vocoders make an appearance in-between the groovy instrumental breaks. Pop perfection.

Angel - Python

Serene house music with some tasteful xylophone-type percussion to keep you grooving, what’s not to love?

GingaMingaYo (the strange world) - Billlie

Although I have a sneaking suspicion that my appreciation for K-pop is correlated with feeling stressed, I will continue to mosey down the runway of life to 'GingaMingaYo'. I’ve been aespapilled and STAYC-fied, now it’s Billlie’s turn to take the wheel. Note: Ginga minga, or 긴가민가, refers to when you’re not sure about something, like when you think you recognise someone - like is that really my lecturer moshing at the JPEG concert?


hans. put me on at the end of my interview with the ABG camp. Admittedly I had slept on this group because Spotify kept pushing them to my front page, but it turns out the algorithm is getting too smart for its own good because this is my shit. The beat is so much fun as it bounces across an entire percussion section while Utaha’s vocals never get lost in the action either.


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