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Hormones are running high post-lockdown, and most of us are probably on a dating app or two. But let’s be honest…Auckland’s Tinder scene is pretty grim. The app is festering with ex-grammar lads who somehow have their entire personality summed up in the phrase “you going to RNV this year?” It’s 2020, and we deserve better than gym brahs who source their Hawaiian shirts from Magic hollow and play DnB to set the mood. But before you throw in the towel, why not try to get something good out of the app?

Match with Debate on Tinder or send an email to our editor, and try to swoon us with your best pick up line. If you’re lucky you might win one of these goodies.


Win two tickets to view some of the 86 films and short-film collections screening at Whanau Marama: New Zealand International Film Festival At Home - Online. Browse the full programme on the website. Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival runs from 24th July until 2nd August. Find out more at


Remember in high school where the only way you could entice your friends to wait in line at the tuck shop was through the single phrase “I’ll buy you a cookie”? Not much has changed since going to uni to be honest. We’re all still stingy and it doesn’t take much convincing for us to do anything. But regardless, Cookie Time still holds a warm place in all our hearts.

Crushes ‘Dump Him’ Keyring

What is happening with Britney Spears right now? Despite us all being a little bit confused, we can still agree that her Instagram is the only thing bringing us joy right now. On that note, remember when our iconic lady wore her ‘Dump Him’ graphic tee in 2000? We all need a little bit of Britney energy in 2020, so why not sport this iconic keyring.

BOY BYE “What that mouth do? Talk shit. Boy Bye.”

Hang this above your headboard and make your standards ever so clear. This sassy print is designed by local artist Messy Cat, who thankfully spells it all out for us so we don’t need to do the emotional labour.


A beautifully crafted poetry book by young, Māori Wellingtonian author Tayi Tibble. This book is all about beauty, activism, power and popular culture that has depth, darkness and sensuality. Tibble talks about whakamā, whakapapa, colonisation, and more! All from her confident, unafraid point of view.


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