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Hate Mail for a Hate Mail: A Sudoku Series


Written by Gabbie De Baron (she/they) | @gabizzlesizzle | Contributing Writer

Collage by Unknown (N/A) | @404AccesDenied | Contributing Serial Killer

dear amateur craftsmen,

do u rlly think u can scare me, with ur murder letter template? I’m impressed with the use of debate cutouts, but alas, i’m not scared. tho, my boss, Liam, told me we rlly should have a sudoku, so I raise u a quadoku. We also had these haters when I was working across the ditch (over at Cr*cc*m), but a bad ass design bitch like me doesn’t flinch, mawma.... better luck next time, but u got what u wanted so don’t ever come after me again... one of these days mawma i’m gonna put an intentional mistake in the sudoku to flip u lot off !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(also, I do write properly, I have 2 degrees, but do y’all deserve that gabbie ?? mawma never !!)

(not rlly) love,

gabbie the graphic designer


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