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by Sam Clark (he/him)


Kia ora e te whānau!


I hope you’re feeling hungry, because it’s Debate’s kai issue! Before you begin reading, we recommend you grab your favourite snack. We won’t judge, even if it involves mayonnaise (I’m looking at you, Thomas). We are deep into the cost-of-living crisis, which unfortunately affects our relationship with kai. The excessively high prices at the moment determine what we buy, where we buy it and the freshness and quality of our produce – all of which tie into our general wellbeing. Perhaps Labour’s plans to remove GST on fresh fruit and veges will help things along, but time will tell. You can get the latest on the election in our new segment, The Young and Informed. Countdown’s monopoly on central Auckland still prevails, with their latest edition: a $50 million metro store in Herne Bay. However, the other week I saw a retaliation to all of this, when someone busted straight through the security doors, with a box of Coronas and a full, yet haphazardly-packed shopping bag. Debate does not endorse stealing, but let’s just say I wasn’t about to go chase after them. All in all, you’re far better off going to your local grocer or Asian supermarket. If you’re located in central Tāmaki, my favourites are Sumit Superette in Grey Lynn, the Balmoral fruit and veg store (next to the Central Flea Market) and Dahua, which is just up the road in Eden Terrace. Here, you’ll find much better value, selection – and honestly quality!

Ka kite for now, we’ll see you all again after the mid-semester break!


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