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Locals Spotlight

By Briar Pomana (she/her)

Lukan Raisey

An intellectual word-smith, Lukan Raisey represents a new generation of South Auckland prodigies. Lukan has been in the music game since he was a fresh-faced teen and his process is only getting cleaner with each new addition to his detailed body of work. His lyrics deal with themes such as family, culture, and authenticity, and his experiences as a young brown man in this country. His latest mixtape Free Game Vol 2, delivers on its promise of elevation and speaks to Lukan’s ability to stay fresh and acclaimed. To listen to Free Game Vol 2 from top to bottom is like a sunny Friday afternoon commute home – and I mean this in the best way possible. Lukan is one of the best doing it at the moment. His focus and control over his production quality is what keeps him A1 and it’s crazy to think what his discography will look like in the years to come. If you’re in the mood to think, to sink into yourself, to feel something, look no further than Lukan Raisey, voice of the southside.


Nganeko’s music and craft are taonga that need to be protected. Hailing from Tainui, the Hokianga, and Fiji, Nganeko is a tribute to the new heights of astro-nesianism and creativity being explored by a new wave of gifted rangatahi. Nganeko’s voice is angelic, not in a Christian way, but rather in the sense that there is something profound in play whilst listening to what is featured on their Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. The influence of Black Jazz and R&B soulstresses is apparent in Nganeko’s sound and there are plenty of covers that fall within these categories. In particular I would recommend their song ‘Serious’ and especially if you’re the kind of person who has some sort of mood lighting in their bedroom (and if you don’t you should listen to it too). ‘Serious’ is the kind of song that will slow your breathing and have you lying on your bed watching shadows move across your ceiling. It’s also the perfect addition to your nighttime shower playlist. Listening to Nganeko is guaranteed to make you a hotter person - we don’t make the rules, we just enforce them, so next time you’re with your friends who solely drink oat milk and refuse to shop fast fashion, throw on some Nganeko.


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