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Post Drinking Eats

We’ve all had those mornings after a night out where you lay in bed wondering which drink made it all go wrong. Whether it was the fifth $3 cruiser from your regretful appearance at Bar101, or that extra tequila shot you didn’t need, Jessy Thurston has the tips for drinking recovery.

1. If you don’t think you can quite handle the action of chewing and swallowing just yet, try opting for a smoothie from Tank. These can be pricey, but the Tank Facebook page has weekly specials where you can grab the largest size smoothie-of-the-week for the price of a mini. It’s a good excuse to try a new flavour, as well as regaining some energy.

2. A hella greasy slice of pizza from Sal’s. It just hits the spot. There’s no other pizza chain in Auckland quite like the Sal’s experience and it’s the perfect food to pair with a day of Netflix binging. Let’s be real, if you’re feeling hungover enough to need this list, then you won’t be doing much else with your day.

3. If you’ve made the decision to spend the night out and you manage to make it into uni the next morning, then congratulations. Try heading down to The Counter before class and grab yourself an eggs bene. They’re well priced, super tasty and I can almost guarantee it will get you through.

4. I know you’ve heard this a million times in your life, but you should never underestimate the power of H2O. Get yourself a hydro flask and fill it up with cold water and ice. Chug it back. Don’t stop. Keep going. Drown yourself in it.

5. Coffee is great, so is blue Powerade (everyone knows this one). But my secret weapon is Warrior Juice. You can find it in the juice section at any supermarket. A bottle of this stuff has gotten me through many a Sunday retail shift with ease. It has my HIGHEST recommendation.

6. If you’re feeling super risky, there’s always the hair of the dog option. It’s not my first choice. But hey, if you’re planning to go out night after night then maybe this could work for you. I don’t endorse it though!


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