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Public feedback is now open for emission reductions in Aotearoa

by Nic George (he/him)

chief reporter

The Climate Change Commission is looking for feedback from the public regarding their advice for the country's second emissions reduction plan.

He Pou a Rangi is an independent crown entity established to provide evidence-based advice to the Government regarding climate change issues.

Live events will be running until June 20th with online seminars detailing the advice in the report so those wishing to contribute can understand the current solutions they are proposing.

Feedback will be collected through an online survey that can be found on the He Pou a Rangi website.

In a press release, He Pou a Rangi highlighted the importance of engaging with the community to help ensure a variety of perspectives are heard.

"We know from previous experience, engaging with New Zealanders from a variety of sectors and communities improves our mahi, and we are committed to meaningful consultation on this draft advice."

This advice will inform the Government’s next emission reduction plan, specifically focusing on the period between 2026-2030.

It covers a wide variety of topics relating to climate change such as agriculture, transport, waste management and energy.

The commission says the draft advice prioritises the key issues that need to be tackled if Aotearoa hopes to meet its reduction goals.

"The proposed recommendations in the draft advice are what the Commission considers the highest priority, most urgent actions required to achieve Aotearoa New Zealand’s 2026–2030 emissions budget and enable the country to meet its emissions reduction goals."

Strategies for advancing Iwi and Māori climate change leadership are also included in the draft advice, as it advocates for an equitable transition.

Chapter 5 of the report says, "The Government needs to work in partnership with Iwi/Māori to accelerate our transition to low emissions and collectively build climate-resilient communities."

The online seminars will be recorded and uploaded to the He Pou a Rangi YouTube channel for anyone unable to attend the live events.

The commission says they are also planning to engage with universities for this feedback.

"We are running a series of public panel discussions with universities around the country."

The first webinar, held on May 1st, detailed the general outline of the report and its main goals for reducing emissions.

Following consultation, the Commission will incorporate feedback before finalising the advice and presenting it to the Government by 31 December 2023.


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