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Patience is a learnt virtue, especially in the sense of waiting for things to pass by in your inner world. Emotions can come hard and fast like an unexpected storm. When you're in the middle of it, feels like it could never pass but eventually the grey clouds clear to reveal a blue sky. Your emotions too pass on, don’t let them dictate your initial reactions. Once you master this, you're ready for world domination. 


Don’t let the winter cold creep into your bones so much. You are the embodiment of transformation and growth in the zodiac. The weather keeping you indoors and physically stagnant doesn't call for laziness and old habits to make a reappearance. This is a time to sift through your own mental filing cabinet and reassess the files you’ve pushed to the back. 


Deciding on one definitive action can prove to be a challenging task for you Gemini. This isn’t an issue to raise the alarms over until it involves people who are invested in you. If you are unsure about something, you already have your answer. There is a difference between uncertainty and stalling. 


Every emotion can be a tidal wave for you Cancerians, the trick is to understand the patterns that form when you become awash with feelings. To be successful in love, you must first understand your own complexities before trying to take on another. It's impossible to have calm waters when you can’t separate someone else's feelings from your own.


You’re very generous by nature, but it never hurts anyone to be aware of what you receive back. Relationships are about give and take. Spending emotional labour is a costly exercise. Just because your purse is full it doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Now is a time to monitor where your energy is going. 


You may be finding yourself wrestling with expectations that exceed what is humanly capable, either for yourself or your partner. Making plans for your future is always an important step in relationships, but when the outcome is constantly dictated and controlled, the end result is doomed to show flaws. Allow for a sense of fluidity to take shape in your life, let it guide the process and you will almost always be happy with the outcome.


If you feel the walls closing in on you in your relationship, it's likely because they are. While fluctuation is very natural in romantic or platonic relationships, it's key to identify if you're there because you genuinely want to be or because you want to maintain harmony in the situation. You desire an innate paradox of freedom while while being closely held; some may say you thrive best when on a long leash. If you feel like you're holding yourself back, it is time to question your desires.


Seduction, secrecy and sex are where you thrive, Scorpio - just because it can prove hard to find, it doesn’t mean that this trifecta can’t all exist in a healthy relationship. The key lies in defining secrecy and privacy, then replacing one with the other. Secrecy is the act of deliberately seeking out and maintaining secrets, while privacy is a state of being undisturbed by others. Seek privacy, destroy secrecy.  


You have a thing for stamina, Sagittarius. Tending to keep your physical self and mental self busy most hours of the day. It is okay for people can’t keep up, you’re a lot faster moving than most, however, learn to exercise caution when entering dangerous territories.  You enjoy a fast pace, but remember to tread lightly from time to time to save others from getting whiplash.


Let the emotions creep in, they aren’t as bad as you think. The more you accept the workings of your inner world the easier it becomes to unravel it. You can’t change something you don’t understand, so get comfortable, put on a tearjerker (I recommend Blue Valentine) and allow the tears to flow. You need an emotional release.  


It can be hard to feel like your reality is worth grieving when the outside world is crumbling.  The more you disregard your hurt the more you begin to hide parts of yourself away. True openness creates fulfilling relationships, work towards this. 


Following through tends to be your downfall. Despite stability seeming boring to you this is a requirement for any sense of success in life. You are drawn to grand extensive ideas with a fixed focus on the outcome. To see any idea through. the middle ground does need to be filled. Seek out someone or something that can ground your ideas and help lay out the map.


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